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Dispensary vs. Dealer: The Legalized Marijuana Debate

Dispensary vs. Dealer: The Legalized Marijuana Debate

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When things change in this world, being able to have the correct information in regards to the change is a necessity. By having the actual facts, people can adapt much easier.

Dispensary vs. Dealer: The Legalized Marijuana Debate

Our country has changed to allow a drug that was once only seen as “unlawful” to become legal in various states and for multiple reasons. However, with this change has also come a change in where marijuana can be purchased. Different dispensaries have been built across the country for people to attain cannabis and related products, whether it be for recreational use in a legalized state, or for the purpose of medical needs. This doesn’t mean that the black market for marijuana has gone away; nor will it anytime soon. Even in California, the largest legal marijuana market on the globe where cannabis is legal for all adults, black market operations are still thriving.

Presently, if you have a medical marijuana card, you have a choice from buying legal marijuana at a licensed dispensary or continuing to purchase marijuana from a local dealer. In this scenario, aside from the fact that buying outside of a dispensary is still illegal and can land you in prison, there are also some other excellent reasons you need to be made aware of that show why buying your medicine at a dispensary is a much better choice. When it comes to recreational marijuana, although legal in some states (see the up-to-date map at https://disa.com/map-of-marijuana-legality-by-state), it remains illegal in many. Therefore, the best way to avoid a felony for recreational marijuana is to move to a state that has been legalized.

If you have the medical marijuana card, it’s also important to remember that this, too, comes with rules. How much you can purchase, transport, etc. So learning these rules ahead of time is a must.

Setting aside the “legality,” there are specific reasons why a dispensary is a place you should go. To begin, buying on the black market encourages people to do bad things, things that could progressively turn worse than dealing marijuana. In addition, although some products come from small local growers, other products might be coming from a cartel.

Black market marijuana also harms the environment. Unlike legal growers that operate under strict regulations, illegal growers often have no care about the environment and often use pesticides and herbicides that are toxic. Some of these chemicals end up in rivers and groundwater, causing harm to both animals and humans alike.

Buying at a dispensary also helps keep money in the U.S. economy. It’s a fact that buying marijuana on the black market sends your cash out of state and perhaps out of the country. That’s millions of dollars leaving the state’s economy; therefore, buying from a dispensary helps other local businesses and communities thrive.

In addition, a dispensary purchase reduces your health risks. All products sold at these establishments have gone through lab testing and are free of contaminants, toxins, molds, etc., allowing you to avoid any long-term health problems.  

Dispensary buying offers you a great deal of options, as well. Seldom will you find a dealer with some wide assortment of safe, quality strains, edibles, oils, capsules, and more? You have these choices at a dispensary, but you also know exactly what’s in the product.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a dealer to answer questions, you’re looking in the wrong place. Expert advice is given at a dispensary by “budtenders” who are required to have a full working knowledge of all the cannabis products provided.

By educating yourself, you’ll soon see that leaving the dealer behind and heading to the dispensary is the right choice in order to stay safe!