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Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board Data Portal

Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board Data Portal Most like-minded enthusiasts may know this, but in reality, it may be forgotten.

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Public Data Access every enthusiast should be aware of in today’s times

By: Washingtonmy420network.com

Most like-minded enthusiasts may know this, but in reality, it may be forgotten. The Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Board indeed regulates the sale, growing, rules, and laws associated with the legal use of cannabis across Washington State.

Informed consumers are always the best consumers!

One cannot complain because it is legal, and of course, the idea of having “some regulation” was going to be needed in order for the “smoke” to clear and legalization pass. Some may not like that, and it is understandable, but overall, most fans knew this was going to be the case from the very beginning.

Frankly, the data and information they collect may be of interest for enthusiasts as well. After all, it may be a great thing for cannabis to be legal, but at that same time, learning more about what is really going on around the state cannot hurt either. Besides, it is a great way to see what the “board” reports as well.

Located within their website are specifics related to the growth of sales, historical data, details related to “consumables,” license information, data regarding dispensary violations, and much more.  Let’s face it, if you were a real estate agent, keeping an eye towards the market and interest rates would be a crucial part of your business. If you were an angler, keeping up with the latest in tackle, techniques, regulations, and more would be of interest in the pursuit of your hobby. The same applies here too.

In this case, with the data being readily available related to a favorite “pastime,” it makes sense to keep an eye towards the trends, data, and facts they post. It is interesting, but an educated enthusiast greatly assists the “cause” in any discussion about cannabis across Washington State vs. just having an “idea.” Especially when discussing with someone that may have a different opinion, could be a “middle of the road” voter or is adamantly against legalization.

Besides, “keeping” an eye open, just makes good sense! Check it out and see for yourself. It is interesting and frankly, an excellent topic for your “chill” time with friends too! https://data.lcb.wa.gov/