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It is about time!

Maine decided to make it work finally, and recreational cannabis lovers could partake almost four years after the law was passed. Vermont was a little slow with the uptake as well.

 Montana, New Jersey, Arizona, and South Dakota may “pass” a law enabling recreational cannabis use this election, but in reality, once voters say yes, it will still take some time to get things moving before you can run down to your favorite dispensary for a taste. Patience will be needed.  Hopefully, it will only take a few months and not years to get things “opened up.”

With the success of legal cannabis sales in Colorado, California, Washington, and Oregon, each of these new states should use current legal recreational cannabis states laws and regulations as a “road map” to get things moving a bit faster, much less more efficient.  The sad truth is, it is the government, and regardless if it is at the county, state, or federal level, it moves very slowly.

Talk about slow! Depending on the new makeup of Congress and everywhere else across the country, it will be even more interesting if and when the Federal Government actually decides to decriminalize marijuana as well. This will be a slow process for sure, considering at this time, legal recreational states are really in the west, northeast, and key states in the mid-west.  The southern U.S. is not quite there yet, with the possible exception of Florida.

The reality is, regardless of the end result of this election, every state at some point, will be a legal recreational cannabis state. All we can say is simply this: Welcome to the Party, Dude!

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