Excitement Soars at the Museum of Flight in Seattle For anyone looking to have a real adventure, Seattle has more than a few. Visit Seattle

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Excitement Soars at the Museum of Flight in Seattle

For anyone looking to have a real adventure, Seattle has more than a few spots just waiting for you and yours to discover.

One of the most magnificent – a very real “do not miss” sight – is one that has been enthralling and engaging all ages for a long time. The Museum of Flight based in Seattle offers a true 5-star
“menu” includes exhibits, events, tours and allows you to experience the amazing and impossible with your own eyes. Even with the pandemic, the Museum of Flight is “soaring” above all that and offers new private, curated tours that combine access to cockpits and cabins ensconced in some of the most thrilling aviation creations in the world, Artifacts that would have Indiana Jones, himself, drooling are on display and delight all ages, from the casual fan to the ultimate aviation geek.

Just think of the choices you have at your disposal. When it comes to tours, you have your pick. Some of the most memorable are the “Diversity in the Skies” tour, which offers up a collection that speaks to the cultural and racial diversity throughout the history of spaceflight. Who flew what? Who were the minds behind the building and design of this ultimate aircraft that took us through time? You will learn it all and even hear the backstories on projects you may have never even known about before.

Another “can’t miss” is the “Firsts Tour…In SPAAAAAACE!” Here you go back in time to the true heart of the Space Race that took over the 50’s and 60’s in this country and others. This guided experience allows you to explore unique, “out there” examples of some of the first mighty achievements in spaceflight.

And when you wish to put your feet back on the ground, so to speak, “A Cabinet of Curiosities” awaits at the Museum with a collection of rare artifacts that have never even been displayed in the galleries…yet you and yours can get a behind-the-scenes tour into this aviation vault.

Wish to have cocktails with the queen? Not a problem at all. The exclusive tour, “Queen of the Skies,” treats you as the most special of guests while you enjoy cocktails and appetizers on the very first 747 Jumbo Jet.

The kids will also be excited by the marvels waiting for them in Seattle. From competitions to challenges made just for children and young adults, the whole family has a million choices of things to do and see. Not really an exaggeration, by the way. The first time you visit, you’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t plan for a more extended trip in order to see and do it all. No worries! Seattle isn’t going anywhere, which means you’ll be able to go back again and again.

From the Spirit of Flight Junior Photography Competition and the Spacesuit Design Challenge; to the Victory Garden Produce Challenge and the Empire Writes Back! Writing Contest (brand new for 2020), these are free to participate in, and the kids will love them all.

You can also become a part of something truly magical by learning about and enjoying the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park, which is the grand result of many years of fundraising in order to offer up the respect and honor America’s finest deserve. Along those same lines, brand new at the Museum is a gallery to tour that focuses on the “Untold Stories: World War II at 75.”

This is one place that, guaranteed, you’ll be returning to as often as you can. The excitement, the new exhibits…the imagination and creativity never ends here. Not to mention, Seattle is such an exciting city, filled with all the amenities and lodging you can think of, it’s no surprise that it ends in the Top ten cities to visit in the U.S. on every travel list.

Time to Soar! Head to www.MuseumOfFlight.org and make your arrangements today!

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