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Federal Decriminalization of Cannabis in 2021

Cannabis 2021

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What are the odds it is going to happen?

The simple answer is, maybe. With the House creating a bill before the election to decriminalize cannabis, it was a political start. V.P. Harris certainly wants it done, but as of late, she has stated she likes the idea, but it is up to what Ole Joe wants to push forth with his agenda.

President Biden has been a little more reserved on the subject but has stated in some way at different times; it is more of a state-by-state decision, which frankly was the Trump position too. However, with the big push for decriminalization coupled with the Biden plans for better Justice Equity and Reform, there is no doubt what side of the aisle he will be on if the law comes to his desk.

Senator “Chucky” Schumer has been rumored to state a discussion on both the House and Senate floor to decriminalize marijuana is coming in 2021. Indeed, Pelosi will take it up again since she did it once before, and the House is most certainly under her control.

Just about every state and city within their boundaries is in favor of legalizing recreational cannabis across the country; sure, there are still several “bible belt” states that will be further down the line. Besides, it took many in that area of the country to permit medical marijuana, including Mississippi, which passed it last year.  States and cities are tired of the legal hassles and costs associated with dealing with low-level arrests for such a more “socially acceptable” charge. They do not forget the tremendous tax revenue each gain with legalization. Turning a high cost into a revenue-generating windfall is what the Government is famous for, isn’t it? Politicians love money, and there is not a state in the country that does not want its share regardless of how they get it.

Will 2021 be the year? The odds are yes if I was going to bet on it. But only Vegas, where betting is legal.

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